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A bit about Wicked Waste

Wicked Waste owner Mike

Wicked Waste is a locally owned and operated business specialising in liquid waste and drainage solutions. We operate all around the Perth metropolitan area. With over 25 years experience in the liquid waste and drainage industry we pride ourselves in delivering a friendly and professional service at a cost effective price. Contact me today for an obligation free quote.

Septic Tanks

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A septic system is a biological way of storing and treating waste that comes from your house. Everything that goes down the pipes in your house or business ends up in the septic tanks where the solids and sludge seperate from the water. Clarified water then overflows into leach drains or dry wells to soak away in the ground. This is called primary and secondary treatment.
Your septic systems will take everything you throw at it year after year. Eventually it will need maintenance - thats where we can help. We do pumpouts, lid repairs, pipe replacements, new diverter installations, submersable pumps replacement, leach drains and dry wells repaired or replaced.

Contact me today for an obligation free quote.

Trees and Septics

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Trees love septic systems, their roots grow down and into the sides of leach drains slowing the drainage process and eventually a complete blockage. We offer a service where we remove all root from leach drains thats inside and out

If you suspect that you are having issues with roots in your pipes give me a call.

Leach Drains and Dry Wells

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Leach drains are designed to let water soak into the surrounding soil, the capillary action brings the water up through the soil profile and evaporates into the atmosphere. In clay and rock, as in our hills, the area around the leach drain has blue metal or sand to increase the evaporation area to make them more effective.
Dry wells are used instead of leach drains when there are deep drainage sands. The bottom of a dry well is sand and the round wall is made of concrete bricks with holes to increase draining. A typical dry well will hold in excess of 2000 litres when full.

If you think your leach drain or dry well is playing up then give Mike a call today.

Handy tips

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Do not pave over septic systems - leach drains work on evaporation.
Septic systems can handle small amounts of chemicals and bleaches etc, it accumulates in the first tank and is taken away when pumped out.
Try not to do more than one load of washing a day, water wise machines, two loads. This gives your leach drain time to soak the water away.
Bacteria products added to septics, in my opinion, do not work. Trials have shown no improvement when added to septic systems. Our bodies produce enough of the right bacteria for septics along with meat products when decaying. The old wives tail of a dead rat in the septic has some relevance.
Never put pot plants or other objects on top of overflow points. Doing so could prohibit them from working effectively when your tank gets full.

For other tips and tricks that could save you a headache in the future give me a call.

Aerobic Treatment Units

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Aerobic Treatment Units (ATU's) are used in sensitive areas mostly where councils are concerned about nutrients from septics ending up in local estuary's and canals. ATU's are designed to clarify water better than convential septics by removing nutrients that could cause problems with ground water.
There are a number of different ATU systems around. Some use air and pumps while others use amended soil systems. Most ATU's are serviced by the installer with periodic inspections at a cost to the owner.
Ecomax systems seem the most problematic. The company installing Ecomax systems are no longer in business, however, if you have one and would like it inspected please contact me for a free inspection and advise.

Septic tank pumpouts

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All septic and ATU's need pumping out occasionally. Over time the solid and sludges build up in the main tanks which then overflow into the soakage area. Leach drains are then not able to move water, resulting in the system failing.

The first indication that your septic is full is normally a gurgling sound coming from the pipes, which is most cases will be the shower drain and toilet due to them being the lowest point in the house. In some cases the pipes can block completely in which case the effluent will come out of the overflow point which are in place to ensure that you house does not overflow. This overflow point can be seen close to the house at ground level with a plastic cap on top.

Contact me today for an obligation free quote.

Diverter valves

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In the late 1980's they found septic systems were not keeping up with the modern house mainly due to the introduction of dishwashers and auto-washing machines. In 1990 they introduced a dual leach drain system with a diverter which is installed between the second septic tank and leach drains. It is designed to alternate the water flowing into either leach drain allowing one drain to dry out while the other is being used.

My advise about diverter use: For high water use households of 6 people or more, turn diverter handle every 3 months. For smaller households with 1 to 2 people turn diverter handle yearly. If you have any other questions about diverter valves feel free to get in contact with me.

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